Friday, October 24, 2008

Marie-Therese Gown GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!

Marie-Therese Gown GIVEAWAY !!!!!!! 

Oh, my, goodness!!   I've just come across this, thanks to Girl Indie and my, my.  What an exquisite display of workmanship in this gown!  I can only hope to make something so extraordinary one day.  

And can you believe she's giving this away?!  My stars!  I myself would never have the gumption to do such a thing.  But am grateful this lady does.  Just fabulous.

So head on over and give it a whirl!  You just may be the lucky recipient of this masterpiece!

I, for one, have to get back to her blog and read more about it....

Lots of love,

P.S.  I haven't forgotten about the A Letter to Ree's just that my new Mac and Blogger weren't getting along last night, so I had to start the whole post over.  It'll be up soon!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Out of the shadows - finally

I know it's been 3 long months since I posted.  I'm ashamed.  But I do have a very good excuse, I swear.  We started homeschooling this year and life has been very, very different.  "The Thompson Terrarium", as my kids affectionately call our home/homeschool now, is in a constant state of shift.  There have been some good changes, as well as pure chaos.  Not to mention the every day things that have popped up and likely would have, whether we homeschooled or not.  It's just that those things seem to have been a little more difficult to deal with among 2 fighting brothers and their ever-curious little sister under foot all the time.  

There hasn't been much free or Mom-time, lately, to say the least.  Often, once the kids are in bed, I stay up late planning out what we need for the next day's lessons, working up field trips, doing some teaching research on one subject or another, or attacking the mountains of laundry, toys or dishes.  Ordering microscopes, slides, books, books and more books.  When it's way past my bed time and my brain is shot, I remember my poor, neglected, abandoned blog.  No time to post, no properly functioning brain to use to create said post.  Oops.  I haven't been sleeping well, either.  I've started having toy-terrors.  You know - those dreams where the toys come to life, take over your home and start coming after you.  I can only guess it's because of the state of constant disarray in our home.  Ya think??

One thing that has become abundantly clear to me, though, in these first 8 weeks of our little-schoolhouse-journey is that I need an outlet  -  now more than ever.  I do have a few homeschooling-Mom friends.  But it seems to be that when I need that friendly, experienced ear and shoulder, it's not the best time for them.  They're either schooling or in bed.  And when we're all together at the park or a group function, I'm not too thrilled to bum everyone out with my woes and tribulations.  Besides - that's valuable adult conversation time for all of us and I'm not in any hurry to usurp it.

So you, my dear readers - as few as there may be - will be the lucky recipients of the ramblings of my experiences, frustrations and challenges.  And just plain whining at times, I'm sure.  Please share advice with me, that's partly what this blog is for.  I don't know everything and am always looking for new ways to make this work.  Feel free to bash me around the head and neck area when I need a wake up.  Just not too hard - I still have to teach my little dreamers. 

To begin The Thompson Terrarium Chronicles  -  Coming Up:

"A Letter to Ree"

Love to all,