Thursday, June 12, 2008

My first ever.... I love reading these on other people's blogs so I figured I might as well jump into the fray. I tagged myself, per the direction of MAMALICIOUS. So, here goes....

What was I doing 10 years ago?
Those were crazy days. The Main Man & I had gotten together in June of '98, were kidless and not yet married and we moved to Key West (from Gulf Shores) in August. We lived right on Duval street, a block up from Hemingway's house, in a walk up apartment & a roof covered in bougenvilla blossoms with some really crazy people for next door neighbors. They had a sweet little boy that gravitated over to our place almost every day. We felt kind of sorry for him because his mom was a little unstable and their household wasn't very comforting, you could say. We'd take him for hot dogs all the time - that kid could eat his weight in hot dogs. The mom might have been a little loco, but she was of Puerto Rican heritage and could cook some mean authentic cuisine. But we secretly wanted to adopt the boy and take him away from there. Also had a homeless woman who lived in front of the vacant building next door to ours, on the sidewalk. She was a character. Never would take our offers to use our shower or come up and share a meal with us. We'd give her food a lot and sometimes money, take her a newspaper or magazine/book & she absolutely loved orange juice....but the thing we shared the most was conversation. Then Hurricane Georges hit & we had to evacuate. The Main Man tried to help our homeless neighbor get to a shelter but she refused. No idea what became of her. We decided to move back home instead of just evacuating, as the charm of Key West was pretty worn out on us. Quite often we find ourselves thinking of both our Sidewalk Neighbor & Hot Dog Boy. I know we'll go back to visit Key West one day and maybe we'll come across someone who knows something of either of them. Ya never know.

Non-important things/habits/quirks:
My feet cannot touch while sleeping.
I don't like keeping my tootbrush with everyone's hidden away.
I used to have a business doing custom birthday and occasion cakes & still do it for my family/friends. But I don't eat the cakes I make. Every one says they're great, but its just weird to me, for some reason.
If someone near me gets sick/hurls, you can bet good money on me following suit. Every time.

Five Foods I Enjoy:
Ribeye steak fresh off the grill
Ben & Jerry's Karamel Sutra
Asparagus w/hollandaise sauce
Old fashioned shrimp boil w/potatoes & silver queen corn

Five things I would do if I were a billionaire:
Pre-pay college tuition for my little Dreamers Extraordinaire. (If they decide not to go to college, let it pay the way for a kid who can't afford it.)
Build my dream home.
Travel like crazy.
Help people/families in my community

Five places I have lived:
Mobile, Alabama
Nashville, Tennessee
Atlanta/Woodstock, Georgia
Dallas, Texas
Key West, Florida
(Promise....I'm not scared of the rest of this country. But the South does rule ;P)

Five blogs I'm tagging: Well, since I'm not sure exactly how to "tag" someone....maybe I'll just copy-cat Mamalicious?? The first 5 who do it! Let me know if ya do...


Megan said...

Hello! Thanks for snagging a Betty Button! She matches your blog perfectly!!!! We've got you added to her blog list!