Saturday, June 14, 2008

Everything old is new again

They used to represent a very limited ideal of what a woman was or did. Today's version carries a completely different connotation. Flirty. Fun. Fashionable. Somewhere along the line the focus shifted from strictly utilitarian (let's keep that marinara & kid snot off our clothes because we won't get a new dress until next year, at least) to making it a fashion accessory that served a very necessary purpose (don't want everyone to know I licked ALL the cake batter from the bowl & I want to look good while I'm doing it). I think it's the housewives of the 50's who deserve a nod from us modern girls for glamorizing household duties and mixing in some style while doing them. Thank goodness for that!!
Everyone knows that aprons have always been around. Each decade (going back to mideval times, even) has its own versions, all with distinct purpose and/or flair. I have to say though, the ones emerging since the new millennium are the most sassy, creative and unique of all. We are so lucky to have the past as a reference point. So inspiring. And with all the resources in this day and age - technology, internet, unbelievably talented fabric designers, etc. - how could anyone expect todays aprons to be anything less than drop-dead gorgeous?!
There are some things from the past that I really thought had no chance ever of making their way back around to popularity again.
Avocado green.
Harvest Gold.
Members Only jackets.
The Mullet hairstyle.
Cabbage Patch dolls...ugliest playthings created. Ever.
But somehow they have, to one degree or another. Just do a little people watching the next time you're out shopping or dining. I bet you can spot at least one style or trend from every decade since at least the 30's or so. Though most of those blasts-from-the-past that I listed had very short revivals (thank goodness!) some things remain classic, even timeless. The Amazing Apron is definitely one of those. I, for one, am crazy grateful.
The one pictured above is the 4th apron I ever made - and reversible, to boot. It has it's flaws, but I was so proud of myself for tackling a reversible apron with pockets on each side. wooohooo! The silly things that make me happy. This apron led to my first full/bib apron - and on and on and on. They're so much fun to make, wear & share.
Hopefully I can pull myself together soon, time-wise, and post a tutorial for y'all. I've never done one before so I'm studying up a bit on just how to go about it. Until then, here's a few of my favorite websites for learning more about and how to make aprons. Great tutes, patterns, advice and inspiration. Enjoy!!
Tip Nut - LOTS of free patterns here!


Just Pure Lovely said...

I love aprons, too! So feminine, so "I'm a domestic diva"-ish. Someone else blogged on aprons today, and I think I said the exact same thing, now that I'm thinking about it. But that's what aprons are to me!