Thursday, July 10, 2008

Speaking of Aprons . . .

I seem to have a penchant not just for wearing them, but creating them, too. Since I'm a notoriously messy cook, I started making them for myself a few years ago. Then my MIL hinted that she needed a new apron. I agreed. Her apron was stuck in the era of little ducks and country blue with some mauve thrown in for a kick...yuck!

So I went all out and made her fancy-schmancy one with a pocket, loop to hold a dishtowel, rick-rack and more. I used some fantastic Michael Miller fabric featuring a seafood feast. Fitting for her since we live on the coast and eat shrimp and crab like a cattle farmer eats beef. I gave it to her on Christmas Day - she put it on immediately and didn't take it off until after we left that night - might even have slept in it if she was sure no one would know. She loved it and raved about it to all her friends, showing everyone who walked through her door. So, so sweet.....

As a result of her gushing, many orders followed over the next few months. Word got around to a few local shops and some of them wanted to carry my aprons and other things. Problem was, I just couldn't figure out how to price my goods so they were still at a sell-able price once the shop added their mark-up & still be making a nice, worth-my-while profit myself. (*If anyone out there can give me a few pointers, please feel free!!*)

Anyway - I've decided to give selling online a try. So, without further ado - I'm happy to introduce:
I've set up my shop on Etsy and now am just working on getting everything photographed and stocking the store up. Cocina Couture will carry fancy-schmancy aprons, table linens, To-Market Bags, purses, pillows, dishtowels, lunch bags and anything else that I can think of to make that goes along with the "home lifestyle". I have mounds and mounds of fabric to sew through, still, so I'm sure by September or so the shop will be overflowing with lots of Home-Life goodies!

I'll be having a Grand Opening Sale at the shop on August 15th. There will also be a GIVEAWAY here at the blog, so check back soon for the details on that. You don't want to miss your chance to

Tomorrow I'll give y'all a little teaser of where we're headed for our Summer Vacation. I wish we were there already. Except for the driving part - that's always a bit of a test when you're hauling 3 kids and all the gear they require. And this year we're taking a dear, dear friend and her own little dreamer with us - I'm SO excited!!! I get to take my best girlfriend on vacation with me...yippeee!!!
Ok...obviously it's my bed time. 'Till tomorrow, then...